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Translating AI-Based Clinical Trial Tools Into Clear Market Success

Cognivia was looking for a partner that could help them brainstorm and execute strategic ideas to bring more visibility to their groundbreaking technology. Between Cognivia’s overarching vision and Altitude’s dedicated approach, Cognivia established a highly effective marketing team that has flourished with collaboration since 2021.

Key Results


Increase in organic new user traffic to
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Increase in total social media

About Cognivia

Cognivia is an innovator of clinical trial technology that addresses pressing challenges in drug development. Since 2013, Cognivia has been the first company to combine the quantification of patient psychology with AI/machine learning to predict patient response and behavior in clinical trials.

It all started with a hypothesis.

The placebo response. Trial compliance. Medication adherence. What do all of these common challenges in drug development have in common? They are all sources of failed clinical trials and higher development timelines and costs. Dominique Demolle hypothesized that the personality of a patient is key to understanding the patient’s response and behavior when participating in clinical trials. Historically, clinical trials have considered biological data but have not incorporated patient psychology. Doing so could have a significant, positive impact on drug development.

In 2013, Dominique and her co-founders launched Tools4Patient to put this hypothesis to the test with their flagship product Placebell™, which was fully proven and subsequently commercialized in 2018. Placebell is a tool that accurately predicts placebo responsiveness for each patient by combining a validated questionnaire with a machine-learning algorithm trained in the study indication. The result? A Placebell Score that can be used as a prognostic baseline covariate brings greater study power and enhanced p-values to the statistical analysis – and ultimately a lower chance of a Type II error.

The solution truly represents the next frontier in clinical research – it just needs to get there

Already validated in sponsored randomized clinical trials in diseases like osteoarthritis and Parkinson’s disease, Tools4Patient sought a strategic partnership to help them gain the visibility they needed to make an impact.  

They needed a partner that was capable of delving deep into two tricky domains: AI and life sciences. A partner that could speak both languages and artfully bring them together in a way that resonated with the niche and scientifically-inclined buyer.

A partner like Altitude Marketing.

The Evolution from Tools4Patient to Cognivia

It all started in 2020 under the original brand name Tools4Patient. The lean marketing team bringing Placebell to market understood that to drive leads, they needed to not only drive credibility but also educate their audience on the challenge that Placebell solved – a challenge previously thought to be unsolvable. 

That’s why their initial efforts were all about setting the foundation with search-optimized educational blog posts, pitching targeted article ideas to industry publications, and joining the conversation on social media. These push and pull tactics helped to give Tools4Patient a voice in the market and a strong digital presence. In a parallel path, the experts behind Placebell continued to validate the product with real-world clinical trials until they reached a tipping point. The company was ready to mature into who it is today. 


In late 2021, they embarked on a total rebranding effort to reintroduce themselves to the market as a trusted partner, validated technology, and more closely aligned with their mission to “quantify the power of the mind.” While the visual rebrand was handled with internal stakeholders, Altitude walked alongside the marketing team through the entire process, providing strategic input and a promotional plan once the brand was ready.

Cognivia’s experts took the lead on scientific white papers and webinars, and Altitude took the lead on next-level blog content, PR articles, digital ads, and social media – producing a marketing machine that delivered that brand as promised. 

Altitude’s team enhanced Cognivia’s knowledge base by incorporating informative blogs on various subjects, including Placebell, Pain-Trials, Statistics, and Patient Centricity. They also created white papers and organized webinars. This strategic move positioned Cognivia as industry experts in the field of clinical trials.

Furthermore, the Altitude team successfully secured features for Cognivia’s CEO in renowned pharmaceutical publications such as FiercePharma and Outsource Pharma. These notable appearances greatly strengthened thought leadership, brand visibility, and scientific credibility within the wider pharmaceutical and life sciences community. Additionally, their digital ads and robust social media presence focused on educating audiences about the challenges related to patient behavior and clinical trials. This strategic approach effectively heightened brand awareness and drove increased traffic to the website.

Most notably, together they elevated brand visibility, amplified the company’s mission, and established a strong scientific presence within the broader pharmaceutical and life sciences community.

  • Keyword & search audience research
  • Develop SEO & content strategy
  • Develop targeted pillar & cluster topics
  • Interview subject matter experts at Cognivia
  • Draft, edit & distribute content
  • Blogs
  • White Papers
  • eBooks
  • Digital Ads
  • Press Releases
One Partnership With A Shared Mission

Over the past 3 years, Cognivia and Altitude have forged a powerful partnership. Together, they have harnessed their combined expertise and resources to drive brand awareness for the Cognivia brand and Placebell™.  But that’s not the end of this story.

In their relentless pursuit of innovation, Cognivia recently launched Compl-AI©™, a predictive tool that helps clinical trial sponsors optimize patient recruitment and engagement strategies by predicting the risk of non-adherence and dropouts – built from the same philosophy as Placebell. That patient traits and behavior are innately linked. This unique tool mitigates the risk of skewed final data and maximizes clinical trial success.

The ongoing partnership between Cognivia and Altitude continues to fuel their shared mission of advancing clinical trials. With their unwavering dedication and collaborative spirit, they are shaping a future where patient-centricity and data-driven approaches revolutionize the landscape of clinical research. Together, they pave the way for a new era of optimized trial outcomes, where innovation and patient engagement go hand in hand.

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