B2B Marketing Case Studies

How Bold Branding Helped a Small Manufacturer Reach the Big Time

Vizinex wanted a bigger, bolder brand. But the RFID design and manufacturing firm lacked the bandwidth and skill-set to make its vision a reality. It needed an experienced B2B branding agency to add polish and professionalism and take things to the next level.

That’s where Altitude Marketing came in.

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Altitude had all the tools we needed to move from a vision to reality in terms of marketing our brand.

Vizinex RFID is a company that designs, develops and manufactures RFID tags. The most common example of this is probably an ID badge that you use to open a door. We serve a very broad range of customers. Virtually anything can have an RFID tag. When we started the company, we were very small. We had no brand equity. We knew it was important that we enable customers to find us. So, we knew we needed a firm that was focused on digital marketing.

Altitude was very much focused on that digital marketing element. And they were also focused on small, high-tech firms like ours. So, it was really a very good fit.

The most important thing was establishing a presence on the web. And then once they did find us, we needed to make sure that our presence on the web looked professional. Altitude has been very good at helping us position ourselves as the ideal partner for those customers who are looking to enable their products with RFID.

Vizinex has been in business for about six years. And our compounded annual growth rate has been about 25%. Since our founding, our workforce has grown 150%. Small, high-tech companies that are looking to build a brand need a diverse set of skills to in order to do that.

Altitude is an ideal partner for those sorts of businesses because they bring that set of skills to the party and can help those companies build the brands that they want to build.