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Turning Adhesives & Specialty Chemicals Into SEO-Rich, Sales-Generating Content

When Chemical Concepts, a 60+ year-old adhesive supplier, needed to enhance their digital presence, they turned to Altitude Marketing. But they didn’t just find a marketing agency. They found a long-term partner that could adapt their highly specialized niche business for the modern web.

Key Results


Increase in average monthly revenue from organic channels


Increase in ranked organic keywords


Increase in average monthly website

About Chemical Concepts

Chemical Concepts is a leading supplier of adhesives, specialty chemicals and related products, delivering high-quality consultation and engineered solutions to a wide range of markets. 

A family-owned business, Chemical Concepts has 60+ years of experience pioneering the use of adhesives – and evolving into a solutions provider that helps companies overcome challenges in design, process and labor.


Huntingdon Valley, PA

As a well-established supplier of adhesives (and more), the Chemical Concepts team is no stranger to their own potential. That’s why, when they realized they were only scratching the surface of market share, they hit the ground running to capture more.

The first order of business? Looking the part online. 

Chemical Concepts reached out to Altitude Marketing to help improve their website experience but that was only the beginning. They also needed to optimize their sales process to better capture and ensure profitability. Due to their hyper-specialized product offering and niche market of buyers, Google Shopping emerged as an ideal advertising channel. The highly targeted Shopping campaigns would enable Chemical Concepts to capture users with high intent and drive them to a refreshed website, creating a far better experience for first-time and returning customers.

All that was needed was to bring it all together with an integrated marketing strategy. This meant generating content and broader advertising campaigns that attracted prospects to their newly minted digital presence.

If You Build It, Will They Come?

Luckily, Chemical Concepts was already in the right place for ongoing execution with Altitude, a marketing agency that loves getting into the nitty gritty. Content covering subject matter like panel installations, prototyping and molds, countertop fabrication, and, of course, adhesives, set the foundation for strong and sustainable search engine optimization. With extensive keyword research, precise buyer persona research, and well-informed long-form articles posted consistently, organic traffic blossomed. That same highly targeted work was applied to Google Shopping campaigns, with carefully crafted ads that put Chemical Concepts in front of exactly who they needed to be in front of… that previously unseen market share.

  • Keyword & search audience research
  • Develop SEO & content strategy
  • Develop targeted pillar & cluster topics
  • Interview subject matter experts at Cognivia
  • Draft, edit & distribute content
  • Blogs
  • White Papers/Guides
  • Nurture Email Sequences
A Partnership With a Strong Bond

What started as a 6-month project timeline turned into a 4-year-and-counting partnership. Throughout it, Altitude helped Chemical Concepts (1) establish a predictable online revenue channel, (2) achieve exponential growth in average monthly e-commerce revenue through organic channels, and (3) double their ranked organic keywords and average monthly site traffic. The real results are there – underpinned by a real relationship.

Altitude team members are deeply entrenched with Chemical Concepts. From high level strategy to everyday execution, from content and automation to design and tradeshow support, the two companies work together as one team. Most recently, the team worked on a branding project for their sub-brand, BoaBond.

“Working with Altitude is one of the best decisions we’ve made. They’ve helped us grow our digital marketing an online presence by over 200%.”

– Lydia Zelle, Marketing And Advertising Manager

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