Building a Qualified Lead Funnel for a Lab Equipment Service Provider

As ZefSci embarked on global expansion, they realized the importance of finding a strategic partner. They looked for a partner to strengthen their online presence and generate leads, establishing themselves as global contenders.

Key Results


Increase in organic new user traffic to the website


Increase in marketing-qualified leads


Conversion rate growth

About ZefSci

ZefSci provides dedicated multivendor service for LCMS (liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry) equipment and instrumentation. Their expertise extends across many analytical instruments used by laboratories in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies to diversified food and environmental testing.

Their service portfolio is just as comprehensive, spanning repair and service contracts, preventive maintenance, refurbishment, qualifications and adaptable time-and-material solutions. But their unwavering commitment to ensuring responsive, expert service sets them apart, underlining their dedication to delivering unparalleled value to clients.

With an established worldwide customer base, ZefSci was ready for a digital expansion that would drive its leads and improve customer communication.

Having a solid brand identity and a team of experts, ZefSci had the foundation for success. However, they realized the need to update their marketing approach for the digital age, where having a robust online presence was vital.

A solid digital presence involved a partner who could craft a digital strategy that positioned them as leaders in their industry. This went beyond just being recognized. ZefSci aimed to establish themselves as trusted LCMS service authorities that people would turn to for guidance. It was a shift towards becoming more than just a service provider – they wanted to be a valuable resource for industry insights.

Now they just need a partner with expertise who could help strategize and execute.

Elevating Strategy and Expertise

ZefSci had taken initial strides in its marketing journey, with efforts like digital advertising, trade show efforts and a social media presence. With Altitude, the focus shifted to delving into what was working, putting more structure and expertise behind it and identifying areas of opportunity.

First step, Altitude honed in on ZefSci’s brand positioning and messaging. It was imperative that ZefSci could capture the attention of a niche audience, including lab directors, managers, and scientists within pharmaceutical and biotech companies, contract research organizations, clinical toxicology, diversified food and environmental testing and academic and government-based research companies. Altitude refined ZefSci’s current messaging and crafted technical content that was grounded in ZefSci’s value propositions and focused on audience pain points.  

Then Altitude integrated digital marketing ads to amplify ZefSci’s reach. Tailored advertisements strategically placed on Google and LinkedIn ensured their message reached the right eyes at the right time. Targeted keyword optimization and eye-catching visuals were instrumental in capturing interest and gaining clicks, which resulted in a 455% growth in conversion rate. This is exactly what ZefSci needed – conversions.

Expanding further on these efforts, Altitude took the initiative to enhance ZefSci’s online presence by enhancing its website. ZefSci already had the piece there, but Altitude was able to take it to the next level. This website became the central hub for showcasing ZefSci’s expertise in multivendor LCMS services. Crafted with a user-centric design, the website not only provided comprehensive information about their services but also highlighted their unique value propositions. Altitude ensured seamless navigation and responsiveness across various devices, making it easy for visitors to explore ZefSci’s offerings. Visuals, coupled with content detailing their capabilities, led to a 50% boost in organic new user traffic, showcasing their robust online presence.

The types of content generated for ZefSci included:

  • Blogs
  • Sales Collateral
  • Website Pages
  • Guides

This content served as a beacon to position ZefSci as an undisputed expert within their field, leading to a 156% increase in marketing-qualified leads within their sales funnel.

A Lasting Partnership

Altitude’s role as ZefSci’s agency of record has grown over the past two years, a testament to the effectiveness and value of their collaboration. What started as a one-year partnership extended organically, evolving into a steadfast two-year engagement characterized by shared success and achievement.

As part of this journey, the relationship between Altitude and ZefSci deepened. Face-to-face interactions, including strategic meetings where ZefSci’s team visited Altitude’s office, became vital to their dynamic partnership. These visits facilitated a robust exchange of ideas and strategies, further solidifying their collaborative efforts.

This partnership between Altitude and ZefSci is a testament to their harmonious goals and the tangible outcomes that have exceeded initial expectations.

“Altitude has become a valuable marketing partner helping us drive a sustained 20% business growth,” said Rick Carberry, Director of Marketing and Business Development at ZefSci. “Fine-tuning the brand message, optimizing search and digital ads, creating content that supports a leadership position, building awareness and driving new prospects to our redone website have brought ZefSci into the digital marketing era, delivering results for our business.”

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