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Brand Strategy and Lead Gen That Helped Life Sciences Company Attract Large Pharmaceutical Firms

Daelight Solutions wanted to upgrade their brand strategy, identity and visibility in the life sciences industry and establish a targeted lead generation funnel, to attract larger pharmaceutical firms and increase average deal size.

That’s where Altitude Marketing came in.

Key Results


That’s literally what we do. Contact us online or call 610-421-8601 (ext. 122) to build your brand and start driving leads.

Video Transcript:

Altitude’s branding and marketing efforts helped Daelight “look bigger” and land 5 new Tier 1 pharmaceutical clients in the Life Sciences Industry.


I’m Dan Wheeler and I’m the founder and CEO of Daelight Solutions. At Daelight, we’re an IT consulting company that specializes in enterprise information management challenges for life sciences companies. I’ve been working with Altitude since 2010 now, so I previously co-owned an IT consulting company where we hired Altitude to help us with our marketing and our branding and I needed a marketing partner to help us at Daelight and I, of course, reached out to Altitude.

Altitude has been great to work with, especially as a small business owner. The services they can provide in terms of website development, public relationscontent authoringcontent editing, even helping with tradeshow logistics has been invaluable. We’re a niche business. We do IT consulting for life sciences customers only. Not that I expect any marketing agency to be an expert in our business, but having people that understand what we do directionally, it makes it easier for messaging that we want to get across and who our audience is. A lot of times we work with large pharmaceutical customers and, you know, we tell them we’re a company of 30 people. They’re surprised by that based on our web presence, our social media presence, the content that we put out there.

They certainly add a level of professionalism that gives us kind of a big brand feel for a small company.