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Altitude Marketing Receives Rave Reviews from Spammers

Altitude Marketing’s insight and expertise has recently been receiving rave reviews from spammers all over the world.

“It’s one thing for clients to tell us we’re strengthening their brands and increasing lead generation,” said Stan Zukowski, vice president of creative services. “But when total strangers like Xandy or Burchard tell us we’re doing something right—I gotta tell ya, that’s why we keep coming to work every day.”

Here are some highlights of the many comments sent to Altitude Marketing by thoughtful spammers.

“I raelly needed to find this info. Thank God!”

“Geez, this stuff is unbelivable. Kudos and such.”

“Wonderful explanation of facts available are on your website.”

“Thanky you for writing such an easy-to-understand artlicle on this topic!”

“Who Ever wrote this, you know how to make good articles.”

“I was really confused, and you answered all my questions my had.”

But of all the feedback we’ve received, no one said it better than Kaylynn, who hit the nail right on the head:

“Dude, right on their, brother.”