5 Most Effective B2B Sales Techniques Leaders Need to Know in 2024

Ziera Soda

B2B sales leaders are always looking for new and fresh ways to engage their potential buyers. What actually works? In a recent Authority Magazine interview with Rachel Kline highlighting influential sales leaders, our Director of Business Development Louis Holzman shares the five most effective B2B sales techniques leaders need to know.

The primary goal in sales is to close a deal, but accomplishing this relies heavily on your ability to understand your prospects and earn their trust.

B2B buyers are, by nature and like many other types of buyers, skeptical. Buying in B2B is a much bigger decision than making a B2C purchase decision. You’re dealing with bigger budgets, bigger impacts, and, as a result, longer buying cycles. So how can you break through these challenges? It all comes down to getting to know your buyers’ needs, gaining their trust and providing real value.

Here’s what our own B2B sales leader has to say about it.

5 Most Effective B2B Sales Techniques Leaders Need to Know in 2024

  1. Be Proactive
  2. Engage in Active Listening
  3. Aim to Build Relationships
  4. Be Solution-Focused
  5. Think Like The Buyer
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#1. Be Proactive

If you want to grow your sales, be passionate and determined. Connect with people and look for opportunities to sell. Be committed to helping potential buyers no matter where they are in the buying process. This includes answering questions, solving challenges and helping them make decisions based on what’s best for their business.

When being proactive, be honest and stick to your core company values. Even though you want to make sales, don’t do anything unethical to earn them. Building trust is super important in sales. If you break that trust, it’s hard to get it back.

The best sales happen when the seller and the buyer understand and appreciate what they’re getting. It’s not about selling something; it’s about both sides feeling good about the deal. That’s when the best and longest-lasting sales happen.

#2. Engage in Active Listening

Listening well is a vital skill in sales. Pay attention when your customer talks and responds in a way that shows you understand. It’s a real conversation. Take your time speaking. Aim to grasp the other person’s perspective. Learn about their business and needs.

For your sales team, encourage them to listen to the client. Emphasize the importance of asking meaningful questions. Asking questions and listening to the client demonstrates that they care about clients’ problems and needs. This helps establish trust and allows you to customize your solution specifically for the client.

Listening is about being slow to speak. It’s about understanding your client’s challenges to build trust and provide the right solutions.

#3. Build Relationships

Building strong relationships with customers is essential for long-term success in sales. To do this, make real connections. Take the time to get to know clients and people in your network. Check-in to see how they’re doing and address any concerns. You can also attend events to meet clients in person and grow your network.

Building strong relationships brings benefits, such as increased customer loyalty and referrals. Each customer is unique with their own needs and preferences, so it is essential to treat them as such. Sales isn’t just about making sales; it’s about lasting relationships.

#4. Be Solution-Focused

Present your solution once you and your team have identified the customer’s pain point. You can do this through a powerpoint or a proposal document, but it should always ideally come with a conversation.

Showcase the value of your solution and how it will solve the client’s challenge. Demonstrate that you understand the client’s needs and are eager to solve their problem rather than making a sale. This will establish a partnership built on trust and increase the likelihood of closing the deal.

#5. Think Like the Buyer

Aim to understand things from the buyer’s perspective. Look at the situation from their point of view. What are they thinking? How are they feeling? Why are they feeling this way? Understanding your buyer’s thoughts eliminates bias and focuses on the buyer. It can also help you to understand on a deeper level, allowing your pitch and conversations to be personal to the client.

Putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes is all about empathy and understanding. It is a great way to build trust, nurture relationships, and make successful sales.


To excel in sales, use these B2B sales techniques to better understand your clients. Merge passion, ethics and proactivity. Be an active listener. Offer personalized solutions.

These techniques establish trust and robust client relationships. Put these five techniques into action and boost your chances of closing deals.

Ziera Soda

As Marketing Manager, Ziera is responsible for overseeing and implementing a variety of initiatives aimed at increasing Altitude’s brand visibility and lead generation. Ziera holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management and dance education from Muhlenberg College and a master’s in communications from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania.