The Internship That Set the Bar at 30,000 Feet


As a college student, the importance of having an internship during your undergraduate career is stressed to you relentlessly.

I’ve been told many times from many people how essential it is to get your feet wet before graduation. As a senior marketing major (with a minor in management) at Bloomsburg University, I needed an internship that would prepare me for my future – a future that will begin in May 2014 when I graduate.

My past few months as an intern at Altitude Marketing have prepared me, and then some. The amount of experience, knowledge, praise and confidence I have gained since June is remarkable and invaluable.

The process leading up to obtaining an internship was grueling and time-consuming, but well worth it. With the many different possibilities, I was worried I would not find one that was a good fit for me. I was also nervous about the interview and selection process, and then about performing well on the job.

My nerves began to ease on the first day that I walked into Altitude’s office as a new public relations (PR) and social media intern. Every member of Team Altitude was welcoming and understanding. Working closely with Kelly, my supervisor, and Jaime, I was assigned a spectrum of projects and tasks.

My responsibilities ranged from writing entire press releases to running out for donuts to satisfy the team’s craving for Krispy Kremes.

No matter the task, I benefited greatly. By being trusted and working hands-on, I was able to increase my communication, writing, editing, technological, website, PR, organizational – and even navigational skills!

This experience exposed me to the kind of corporate culture I would like to work in throughout my career. My colleagues were so communicative and trusting; they truly made me feel that I am a part of team Altitude.

I am also appreciative for all of the credit I was given for my work. Walking into a new group of people, especially as an intern, you never know how you are going to be treated. But I received many compliments and positive feedback for what I contributed, which goes to show how compassionate and supportive my colleagues are of me.

Applying to and accepting Altitude’s summer PR and social media internship was a bit out of my comfort zone, outside of my main fields of study. All subdivisions of business, such as marketing, management, PR, overlap and interrelate. Taking a slightly different direction helped broaden my expertise and my knowledge of multiple subdivisions, which can in turn expand my options for future job positions.

Overall, I benefited immensely from this opportunity. I learned so much, interacted with professionals and built connections for networking, worked on projects I can use in my portfolio, and can look forward to coming back to work here this winter and maybe even post-graduation.

I would like to thank Andrew, Stan, Gwen, Kristen, Jaime, Jeremy, Matt, Liesel, Justin, Becka, Adam, Kelly, Brent and Fred for giving me this amazing opportunity and making me feel like a real member of Team Altitude. Altitude Marketing has set the bar high for my job expectations, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have grown through this internship and will undoubtedly use what I learned here in my future endeavors. I am so glad I have this experience under my belt and can’t thank everyone enough.