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Just how big is Google?

I admit it. I’m a Google fanboy! I have a deep appreciation and admiration for everything that Google does. It’s not because they are the biggest or the best, it’s not their technology, or culture of innovation, but rather a sum total of all of these attributes! Google is an innovation machine and their growth and success is a byproduct of their ability to tackle tough problems and willingness to do things differently.

I found this infographic to be pretty profound. Not only does it speak to their growth/size and revenues, but it also provides a few interesting facts that I hadn’t been aware of. Did you know that Google’s first storage system (from 1996) was housed in Lego? How about the fact that their current data centers are currently housed in normal shipping containers and able to be powered by standard 12-volt batteries in the event of a power failure?

Continue reading if you’re curious about some more reasons that make Google pretty phenomenal.