The Diary of an Intern: Jessika Parra


After four years of taking countless marketing classes, late nights in the library and some marketing experience, I considered myself more than prepared to take on a semester-long internship at a B2B marketing agency.

After my semester at Altitude Marketing, I quickly learned that there are some things that just can’t be taught in the classroom.

As it came time for me to choose my classes for the second semester of my senior year, I knew my “type A” personality wouldn’t allow me to just sit back and take the easy road as I finished up my college days. When I came across the application for Altitude’s PR & Social Media Internship, I spent hours creating, editing and reviewing my cover letter and resume, making sure it showcased my highly-organized, yet creative personality.

After my first interview, I was given a writing test and, in that moment, I was thankful my Communications & PR class taught me the ins and outs of writing a press release. Shortly after, I received an offer, and I couldn’t wait to get started!

I was immediately impressed with Altitude’s culture, which totally debunks the “all fun and games” marketing agency stereotypes. Everyone already knew my name and had connected with me on LinkedIn even before I started, making me feel like a part of the team from the moment I walked in.

While one of my favorite parts was seeing a four-legged furry friend in the office for “Fido Fridays,” I truly admired how collaboratively this team worked to delight their clients. I walked in each day knowing I wasn’t going to be going on coffee runs or sitting bored at my desk. Whether I was assigned to write a press release for a product launch or prepared to present social media best practices to a client, this role challenged me to put forth my best effort.

I never felt like “just the intern.” I was included in meetings about trade shows and website reveals where my ideas and opinions were valued — and even the president of the company, Andrew Stanten, often checked in with me to see how everything was going.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a “How to Succeed in a Marketing Agency” class offered in college, but I had the best mentors throughout my internship (thanks Lauren, Lindsey, Claire and Kelly!) I received constructive feedback from the team, and got to see the results of my work, which is an incredible feeling. I learned how to relate classroom knowledge to the real world, and quickly transitioned from a college student to a marketing professional. I’m so glad I chose to take this opportunity, which taught me how to be quick on my feet and flexible with clients’ needs.

My advice to future Altitude interns would be to put forth your best effort each day and don’t be afraid to ask questions! Everyone at the agency has a wealth of knowledge in the marketing field, so take advantage of the resources provided to you. I am very grateful that my first “all-hands-on-deck” marketing agency experience was with Altitude.