4 Insanely Awesome Unbounce Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

Adam Smartschan

Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

Unbounce, for our money, is the best landing page builder out there. It’s easy to use, endlessly flexible, and supported by some of the nicest folks you’ll ever meet.

If you’re using something else – or worse, building landing pages in your CMS – you’re doing it wrong.

Thing is, there’s a lot more to Unbounce than most marketers realize.

Heck, I called it a “landing page builder.” It’s not, really. It’s a conversion platform, with capabilities that go way beyond landing pages. It can handle your popups and sticky bars, too. Anything you need to turn a visitor into a lead.

But that’s table stakes stuff. In this post, I want to break down four really cool things Unbounce can do.

Some are big. Some seem little. Either way, they’re all part of what makes the anything-you-need-to-turn-a-visitor-into-a-lead platform indispensable.

(If you want to try Unbounce, sign up through this link for 20% off. We get a little something on the back end, but it doesn’t effect you at all.)

Now, let’s talk cool Unbounce features!

4 Awesome Unbounce Features You Didn't Know About

It’s Got Turnkey AI!

Every marketer – B2B or B2C – wants to build AI and machine learning into their workflows. Almost none do so successfully. Fact is, deploying most “AI” products at scale is freakin’ hard.

Enter Smart Traffic.

We’ve talked about Smart Traffic here before. But there’s a good reason to keep bringing it up.

It rocks.

Smart Traffic automates MVT in Unbounce.

Think of it as bot-automated multivariate testing. (That’s a fancy word for A/B testing, BTW.)

Build your landing page. Create multiple variants. Let the algorithm match versions to visitors automatically.

(Remember “automagically”? I miss automagically.)

To answer your question: Smart Traffic does seem to increase conversion rates. To wit, the first page we deployed it on – a niche, high-commitment B2B offer – improved by nearly 50%.

Did we mention that Smart Traffic optimizes by itself? Forget P values, manual traffic adjustments and peeking analyst errors. Just … let it run.

If there’s a cooler Unbounce feature out there, I haven’t seen it.

The Clipboard Holds Two Things!

This one seems small, but it’s a huge one for productivity: Unbounce lets you hold two copied items at once.

Text and design elements, like images, boxes or entire lightboxes, are both stored in the “clipboard.”

GIF showing how the Unbounce clipboard holds two things.

Text pastes into text boxes. Design elements paste directly into sections. And you can alternate between the two without needing to re-copy your target elements.

Why does this Unbounce feature matter?

Imagine you’re building a page with a half-dozen similar lightboxes. They all have the same structure, but need different text. You can keep pasting the lightbox structure without re-copying it, while nabbing the new text for each from Word.

It’s a significant time-saver.

It Builds Zaps on the Fly!

Unbounce has worked with Zapier – the web’s best universal API translator – since forever.

But now, it’s easier than ever. They recently added a “Powered by Zapier” section to the “Integrations”

Connect your Zapier account once …

Connecting Zapier to Unbounce

And you’ll have instant access to pre-built zap templates. If your workflow is simple – like adding a new lead to your CRM – you can knock it out in seconds.

It Supports AMP!

If you’ve tried deploying AMP pages, you know it’s not easy. The coding standards are tough, and even slight changes break things.

Like, every time.

As a result, most marketers don’t bother with AMP. The juice just ain’t worth the squeeze.

Not with this Unbounce feature!

Rather than building a traditional “mobile” view of your landing page, you can create an AMP page. The builder will make sure what you’re doing is in line with AMP standards; no coding for you.

You end up with the speed and quality score improvements you’d expect from AMP, without the hassle.


Turns out, the future kinda rocks. (If you ignore … a lot of what’s going on.) But for digital marketers, stuff that seemed impossible a few years ago is right there.

At Altitude, we’re huge believers in maximizing investment in tech platforms. And these Unbounce features make that pretty darn easy. As with everything, go a little below the surface and you’ll discover ways to deliver ROI (and results) like never before.

Adam Smartschan

Adam Smartschan heads Altitude's strategic marketing and branding efforts. An award-winning writer and editor by trade in a former life, he now specializes in data analytics, search engine optimization, digital advertising strategy, conversion rate optimization and technical integrations. He holds numerous industry certifications and is a frequent speaker on topics around B2B marketing strategy and SEO.