Custom Marketing Automation

HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot Act-On and other inbound marketing automation platforms are the hottest thing in B2B marketing – and for good reason. What they can do – automated lead nurturing, dynamic content delivery, “drip” email campaigns, analytics and multi-system integration – is pretty awesome.

Problem is, there’s a downside to B2B marketing automation software – and it’s a big one. The platforms are extremely expensive, with monthly licenses often running into the thousands. And for that, all you get is a license to use a tool – not the content, logic and IP you need to get real results.

Fortunately, there’s Everest™ – a new multi-platform marketing automation system available exclusively to Altitude Marketing clients. Everest combines the power of best-in-class technology tools and our decades of B2B marketing expertise to deliver many of the benefits of enterprise marketing automation platforms at a fraction of the cost and effort they require.

Everest is an integrated, turnkey solution that turns nibbles into highly qualified, educated leads. Our team gets to the heart of your brand, crafts hard-hitting content, creates high-performing email campaigns, digital ads and landing pages, and helps you analyze your results.

Whether you’re making the most of website traffic by offering premium downloads or automating tradeshow follow-up, Everest lets you deliver personalized, relevant content, advertising and messaging at just the right time. Everest campaigns keep you in front of prospects via email and retargeting advertisements until they’re ready to chat – and then make it easy for them to get in touch. Your sales team will love Everest – and love you for it.

Everest gives you the key benefits of the big marketing automation solutions, without the expense, the hassle and the long-term commitments. The best part? You only need to know what you want to accomplish: Altitude’s B2B experts lay out the plan, build the workflows, handle the creative and set up the system integrations. It’s marketing automation … just better.

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