Life Sciences Marketing Agency

We’re a B2B agency serving IRBs, software developers, technology providers, manufacturers, consultants and innovators within the clinical trials, life sciences, pharmacovigilance and healthcare ecosystems. If your business needs to reach big pharma, CROs, sponsors, or sites, Altitude should be your next call.

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Your business plays in heavily regulated spaces and you need more than a traditional creative agency. You need a team that gets what you do – and gets up to speed quickly. You need strategy supported by best-in-class tacticians and professionals who won’t miss a beat when you start talking about Part 11, eTMF, IRBs or AE reporting.

In other words, you need Altitude Marketing.

We’ve helped clients:

  • Develop and execute effective, cost-efficient marketing strategies
  • Better  understand the competitive set and buyers
  • Increase brand awareness, market demand and inbound leads
  • Support rapid growth
  • Launch new products and brands that positively impact health
  • Get acquired by behemoths like Dell EMC, GE Healthcare Life Sciences and LexisNexis

Don’t take our word for it.

Meet Bryan Reynolds. We helped him grow Sitrof Technologies into an ECM consulting powerhouse before its acquisition by Dell EMC. Who did he call first when he started his new venture, Docxonomy? Altitude, naturally.

“Altitude Marketing brings all the tools to the table. Instead of paying one marketing person, we have an entire team working for us. We have designers. We have web developers. We have people who understand how to manage trade shows. We have people who know all the different aspects of it. It’s phenomenal.”



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