Meet the Team

I love telling stories, and I love finding new and unique ways to tell them. Seeing everything come together to create the brand story is such a satisfying moment.

Claire Brucher


Equal parts creative and analytical, Claire is capable of synthesizing complex concepts and datasets into messaging and content that gets results. Claire’s attention to detail and organization makes her an invaluable resource for Altitude’s growing roster of clients, and her experience has helped her advance what B2B marketing can be.

Since joining the Altitude team, Claire has leapt into the world of content marketing and brand messaging – bringing a creative writing flair and studied understanding of subject matter to each client. She is responsible for helping to lead the creative development of client messaging and content strategies, and oversees Altitude’s content product and process. She’s also a strong manager and mentor to Altitude’s growing team of content writers.

Claire is a graduate of Lehigh University, where she majored in marketing and finance with a minor in creative writing. Outside the office, Claire enjoys spending time writing poetry and short stories, and she released a self-published poetry collection in 2021. She lives in Allentown, PA, with her husband, cat and dog.

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