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Claire Herndon

Content Marketing Specialist

Equal parts creative and analytical, Claire is capable of synthesizing complex concepts and datasets into messages that get results for clients.

A graduate of Lehigh University with a double major in marketing and finance and a minor in creative writing, Claire is no stranger to juggling multiple projects at once and delivering quality work at deadline. She began applying her educational experience at Altitude in the summer of 2018 as a marketing, PR and social media intern. Since joining the team full-time, she’s leapt into the world of content marketing and distribution – a role that most effectively brings to bear her unique skillset on our clients’ behalf.

Outside of the office, Claire enjoys spending time painting in her art studio or plugging away at her laptop writing poetry and short stories. She lives in Macungie, Pennsylvania, where she often cooks for friends and family, and daydreams about her future family of golden retrievers.

I love telling stories, and I love finding new and unique ways to tell them. Whether it’s through lengthy blog posts, short and sweet social posts, videos, infographics or anything else – you name it, they all serve a purpose to support the clients’ overall strategy. Seeing everything come together to create the brand story is such a satisfying moment.

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