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Jeff Kotran

Director, Content Marketing

Jeff is an adept problem solver who leads with strategy in his approach to content development, dedicated to crafting the right message to the right person at the right time.

Jeff plays a key role in leading Altitude’s content marketing and facilitates critical-thinking when teams gather to launch new projects or campaigns. He focuses on continuously exploring clients’ brands and validating the connection between messages, strategy and conversion goals.

Prior to joining team Altitude, Jeff served as a Director of Client Strategy at a digital marketing agency startup and a Director of Digital Marketing at an enterprise business managed services provider. He thrives in his passion for solving marketing problems, defining and communicating value, and crafting conversion-focused messaging – especially in the B2B space.

Jeff has an MBA in marketing from Fairfield University and a B.A. in communications and media studies from Penn State. When he’s not writing up a storm at the office or at home, Jeff spends time with his wife and three young daughters.

Marketing copy works when it drives the reader down the page, engaging them fully until they reach the call-to-action … and then they act. Content must deliver real results, so it’s critical to keep every piece of strategy at top of mind. Question everything.

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