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Conversion Optimization

Perhaps one of the most valuable assets we bring to our clients is our conversion optimization toolset. When it comes to driving prospects to your website through our digital marketing campaigns, we know that is only part of the game. The rest is getting that conversion.

An important first step is learning about a quality conversion for your business during our Discovery Process. We get educated on what makes a good customer and how we qualify them. Without this information we can’t optimize our campaigns. We set the expectations for quantity and scale very early so there are no surprises.

We data-mine our campaign sources to produce the best targeting available. We devise a conversion strategy according to our audience and campaign objectives.

We develop targeting, ads, and landing pages around your quality conversion goals. We launch campaigns with tracking designed to know what’s working and what isn’t at each step of the way. We split-test and make iterative adjustments along the way. We test assumptions and use data to dictate our next steps.

Together with an informed feedback loop from the client we can fine-tune a campaign to get the right prospects. Additionally, we understand that different campaigns sources will yield different results across the same conversion funnel, so we optimize different funnels according to our campaign source.

If you want more conversion analysis applied to your digital marketing programs, then you should speak to us.

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