Here’s a FinancePal Coupon Code (50% off Your First Month)

Adam Smartschan

Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

Running a business can be awesome. Running your business’ finances can be … less than awesome. That’s where FinancePal comes in. (And we’d love to get you a discount.)

FinancePal is a virtual bookkeeper, an accountant and a tax prep associate, all rolled into one. They’ll handle everything your business needs, from payroll to sales tax, bill pay and more. And because it’s one-stop shopping, you won’t need to worry about managing vendors all over the country (or world).

FinancePal is already attractively priced for what it gives your business. But if you use this link to get a quote, you’ll unlock 50% off your first month of service. No coupon code required.

(We get an affiliate fee, but you’re not affected in any way.)

Why FinancePal?

Finding time to managing your business’ finances is hard. If you’re a founder, you’re already being pulled in a million directions. That’s the beauty of a U.S.-based online service.

With FinancePal, you get a dedicated team of financial professionals working for your company. They’ll handle … well, pretty much whatever you need:

  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax preparation
  • Payroll
  • Catch-up bookkeeping
  • Entity formation
  • Sales tax
  • And more

FinancePal Pricing

FinancePal prices its services a la carte or in fixed packages. Every engagement is custom, because every business is different. You can get a quote here and by using that link, you’re unlocking 50% off your first month of service.

Who Uses FinancePal?

FinancePal is a pioneer in outsourced, online financial services. They’re a major player with companies in:

  • Agriculture
  • eCommerce
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Construction
  • Real estate

Outsourced finance is also hugely useful for startups. Want to be the next unicorn? You need to spend time building value, not doing the books.

tl;dr: FinancePal Coupon Code

Want a FinancePal discount code? You’re in luck. If you get a quote using this link, you’ll unlock a full 50% off your first month of service. That means access to world-class financial talent for half off. What’s not to love?

Adam Smartschan

Adam Smartschan heads Altitude's strategic marketing and branding efforts. An award-winning writer and editor by trade in a former life, he now specializes in data analytics, search engine optimization, digital advertising strategy, conversion rate optimization and technical integrations. He holds numerous industry certifications and is a frequent speaker on topics around B2B marketing strategy and SEO.