Not Just Another Internship


Altitude Marketing has its own meaning of the word, “internship.”

While, yes, there were checks to deposit and filing to be done, I would not consider those tasks part of my job description whatsoever. I wasn’t standing over a copier all day, and the only coffee run I had to make was to the Keurig machine in the back room.

Not Just Another Intern

On my first day, I received a morning’s worth of training – the big things like how to use WordPress and navigate the shared folders – and then I was immediately given my own assignments. The level of work I was doing quickly increased as I became familiar with Altitude’s process. I was able to interact directly with clients and spearhead important projects. I have seen the real results of my work and how it directly impacts our clients’ performance.

Throughout my 7 months at Altitude Marketing, I never once felt like an “intern.” I was always treated as if I was an equal part of the team.  I was involved in collaborative efforts and I constantly felt like my input was highly valued. Every assignment I worked on came with an explanation of why it mattered and how it fit in with the bigger picture. I was never pigeonholed into one client or industry; I was able to work on things that pertained to my interests and strengths.

What I liked most was being able to take ownership of various projects. I was given free reign which allowed me to use my creativity and apply what I learned in school. I was able to do whatever I thought was best for a given situation, and the Altitude team would trust my judgment and intuition. I think that level of independence is very rare in an internship.

Along with amazing work experience, I will be leaving with some great memories – splashing wars with Justin while white water rafting on the company retreat, getting Stan a going-away cake for his sabbatical (the first cake he ever received with his name on it!), morning gossip with Amanda and Gwen, Andrew’s jokes, Dave’s intense paintball skills, my birthday lunch with pizza and cupcakes, and many more. I really feel like I’ve become part of a family.

Altitude Marketing’s internship program is really something to be admired. They bring in 2 interns per semester (spring, summer and fall) yet they always make sure their interns are doing valuable work. I was lucky enough to stay for two terms, and my experience has reinforced my career choice. I hope I am able to find a job at a firm that treats its employees with the same level of respect, trust, and compassion I have received at Altitude Marketing.

Many thanks to Andrew, Gwen, Stan, Dave, Justin, and Amanda for making my experience at Altitude not just another internship!