Top 10 B2B Marketing Agencies of 2022 [Full Report]

Gabriella Ciaccio

When it comes to hiring a B2B marketing agency, engagements work best when a B2B company’s niche aligns closely with the agency’s capabilities. (Trust us, we’ve been doing this for 18+ years.) To help you find the right agency that meets your precise needs, here’s a review of the top 10 B2B marketing agencies serving excellence in their specialized spaces.

B2B marketing is full of complexities that require a specialized and hyper-focused approach. Not to mention, the B2B sales cycle is long, which means capturing and keeping your buyer’s attention is a slow burn. How do you convince a risk-averse decision-maker in a complex decision-making structure and sales cycle to buy a product or service?

The answer: It takes a lot of hard work and patience.

We know you know this – that’s why you’re here, reading through a list of top 10 B2B marketing agencies.

There are a lot of agencies out there, but how many agencies are serving your specific niche, or offering the specific service you need most? That’s how we’ve chosen to narrow our list of top 10 B2B marketing agencies in 2022 – down to agencies that specialize in niche areas, well positioning them to serve clients like you.

So, give it a skim and find the agency that speaks to you.  

top b2b marketing agencies in 2022

Top 10 B2B Marketing Agencies

  1. Altitude Marketing
  2. ESQuisite Marketing
  3. Bader Rutter
  4. Groove
  5. Pro Motion
  6. Earnest
  7. Sweet Fish Media
  8. GrowthSandwich
  9. Immotion Studios
  10. Umault

#1. For Companies in Complex Industries That Need It All: Altitude Marketing

Altitude Marketing is an integrated full-service marketing firm that leads with strategy, data and business goals to drive amazing results. We have deep experience in a variety of highly technical industries – from manufacturing to life sciences. Our marketing services include the essentials and much more – branding and rebranding, graphic design, web development, content creation and B2B SEO, to name a few.


  • Life sciences
  • IT
  • Manufacturing
  • Distributors
  • LegalTech
  • Financial Services
  • FinTech
  • Software
  • Nonprofits
  • InsurTech
  • CRETech


  • Website design and development
  • Graphic design
  • Content creation & SEO
  • Digital marketing
  • Market research
  • Brand positioning and messaging
  • B2B social media

Founded: 2004

Location: Emmaus, PA

Number of employees: 28

Clients: WuXi AppTec, Patrick Industries, TaikiUSA, GTreasury


#2. For Lawyers Who Need Help With Sales & Marketing: ESQuisite Marketing

ESQuisite is a B2B marketing agency focused specifically on lawyers. With a combined 35 years of experience in the industry, ESQuisite Marketing works with solo practitioners and small/mid-size law firms who need support with their marketing, business development, training and firm management activities.


  • Law firm marketing
  • Attorney communications and collateral
  • Attorney coaching and training

Founded: 2019

Location: Bethlehem, PA

Number of employees: 3

Clients: Lucid Law, Flanagan Law Firm, Strategic Exit Advisors, Jottful


#3. For B2B Agriculture Firms That Need Powerful Creative: Bader Rutter

Bader Rutter is an advertising agency that specializes in brand building capabilities for a variety of industries. While they offer other services, their bread and butter is in developing design-heavy campaigns and shaping brand identities.


  • Food and beverage
  • Pet care
  • Agriculture (including B2B)
  • B2B2C

Founded: 1974

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Number of employees: 275

Clients: Pioneer, National Pork Producers Council


#4. For eCommerce Companies That Need a Website: Groove

Groove is a full-service eCommerce agency that can help eCommerce companies build websites and implement eCommerce marketing best practices. They focus on both the creative and technical areas of BigCommerce design, development and eCommerce inbound marketing to ignite digital growth.


  • eCommerce website development
  • eCommerce SEO
  • eCommerce PPC

Founded: 2007

Location: Baltimore, MD

Number of employees: 41

Clients: Natori, Final Draft, Advantage Engineers, Native Union


#5. For B2B Companies That Want to Create an Experience: Pro Motion

Pro Motion is an experiential marketing agency that helps B2B companies develop and implement experiential marketing campaigns that break through the noise and engage customers in a very unique and memorable way.


  • Food and beverage
  • Software
  • Automotive
  • Disability manufacturing
  • TV and film (and more)


  • B2B experiential marketing
  • Pop-up shops
  • Event marketing
  • Experiential marketing tours

Founded: 1995

Location: St. Louis, MO

Number of employees: 14

Clients: CNN, Dr. Pepper, Disney, Bosch


#6. For UK Financial Companies That Want a Global Brand: Earnest

Earnest is a B2B branding and creative agency for companies in New York and London. While they serve a variety of industries, they have a particular focus and breadth of experience in the financial sector, including insurance brokers, credit card companies and banks.


  • Branding
  • Creative campaigns
  • Experiential marketing

Founded: 2009

Location: Based in London, UK with offices in New York, NY

Number of employees: 61

Clients: MasterCard, DX, Cashplus


#7. For B2B Companies That Want to Podcast: Sweet Fish Media

Sweet Fish Media is a B2B marketing agency that focuses on one really cool thing – helping B2B businesses create podcasts. They help B2B leaders launch and promote podcast shows that are actually memorable and exciting .


  • Technology
  • Oncology
  • Food
  • Sales
  • Manufacturing


  • Podcast show production
  • Guest booking
  • Show promotion

Founded: 2015

Location: Orlando, FL

Number of employees: 55

Clients: Outreach, Ingram, Diligent, Sales Hacker


#8. For B2B SaaS Startups Going to Market: GrowthSandwich

GrowthSandich specializes in formulating and executing go-to-market strategies to help early-stage SaaS startups launch their products.


  • Customer research
  • Product-led go-to-market strategy development
  • Value-based pricing restructures

Founded: 2017

Location: London, UK and Strasbourg, France

Number of employees: 1 (founder-run, Aggelos Mouzakitis)

Clients: Jetti, Hiroes, Nimble


#9. For CPG Brands Who Want to Expand: Immotion Studios

Immotion Studios is a marketing agency that specializes in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), helping CPG brands grow by increasing ACV distribution through a variety of marketing and sales efforts.


  • Branding
  • Packaging design
  • Sales implementation

Founded: 1997

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Number of employees: 14

Clients: CoCoGoods Co., Family Dollar, Rouses Market


#10. For B2B Firms Who Want to Create Exciting Videos: Umault

Umault is a B2B video ad agency that helps companies deliver effective B2B video ad campaigns – from creative and production to distribution and optimization. Umault concepts, scripts and oversee svideo campaigns that make complex B2B ideas simple and exciting.


  • Financial
  • Technology
  • Healthcare


  • Video production
  • Video marketing

Founded: 2010

Location: Chicago, IL

Number of employees: 6

Clients: MassMutual, Nuance, JamesHardie


Final Thoughts

Every marketing agency has its own prominent features and capabilities, so before you choose one, it’s essential that you determine your goals and expectations. No matter what niche you’re in or what specific service you need, there’s a marketing agency for you – and this list will help you find it.

Gabriella Ciaccio

Gab, content marketing coordinator, is a creative writer with over ten years of copywriting experience. In her role, she creates compelling content for Altitude and our global roster of clients. Always writing with the client in mind, she crafts content that increases brand awareness, boosts website traffic, drives leads and engages a client’s ideal audience.