My Winding Road from Intern to Employee to College Presenter

Gwen Shields


When a Kutztown University alumnus who worked at Altitude Marketing spoke to my class two years ago, I knew the Emmaus B2B agency was where I wanted to intern.

That former Kutztown student was in the same line of work I wanted to be in, and Altitude sounded like an ideal opportunity. So I quickly applied for an open internship on their digital marketing team.

After completing the internship, I graduated from Kutztown in May 2019 with a major in marketing and a minor in social media strategy. A few advertising art classes, the social media minor and my Altitude internship helped jumpstart my career.

My internship turned into a job offer, and I am now employed as a digital marketing coordinator at Altitude.

Kutztown allowed me to personalize my education and get myself to where I am today. Which is why, when the opportunity arose to go back to my alma mater and give a presentation of my own, I jumped.

Along with Andrew Stanten, president of Altitude Marketing, I returned to the same class I once sat in and shared what it is like to work at a full-service B2B marketing agency. I shared industry knowledge and reviewed how we create Google and Facebook ads, how we track the performance of those ads and and why we use different ad types. I emphasized why measurement and evaluation are critical to any marketing plan.

The week after that presentation, three of the Kutztown students in attendance visited Altitude’s office to see our work in action. It gave them a peek at the “real world” of a marketing agency.

Interns visiting Altitude Marketing

My advice to those looking to follow a similar career track: Be driven, and show it. Keep your mind open and have the willingness to keep learning because the world of social media and marketing is going to keep changing and growing.

Drive is a touchstone of Altitude Marketing’s philosophy. We are driven by continuous learning. We are driven to provide smart marketing solutions to our clients. And we are driven to be the leader in our industry.

Altitude supports higher education institutions like Kutztown because we know how important it is to grow and shape the next generation of industry leaders. I am proud to be part of the Altitude team that is committed to giving back to the community and to developing career paths for students.

Gwen Shields

As Altitude’s COO, Gwen Shields oversees client-facing systems and processes to improve service and retention, ensuring production operations run smoothly and effectively. Her exceptional problem-solving skills and technical knowledge allow Gwen to understand and guide Altitude’s core base of technology-focused clients.
Gwen earned her bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and worked in information systems and tech sales before becoming a part of Team Altitude in 2008.