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Metrics & Analytics

Nothing can be more painful for a business than spending valuable money on marketing and not understanding what happened. These days it isn’t enough to have Google Analytics installed on your website. There is a lot of other data to uncover.

Our process of conversion optimization only works when we are tracking every step of a campaign. From campaign source to creative to landing page to action to nurture to conversion to sale, we need to understand what is making the program succeed or where is the program failing. We can turn failures into successes by analyzing user interactions at every step of the sales funnel.

Prior to any Digital Marketing engagement, we evaluate your website’s current metrics to give you a full understanding of the highs and lows of your domain and content. Our tools and methodologies take us deeper into your domain profile and history, giving us a complete picture of your baseline and allowing us to set the correct expectations on outcomes of any program. We can determine if prior SEO work requires us to perform a “detox”, if your current website content poses issues, if your website information architecture is hurting your user engagement, and give you a complete profile of how the search engines “see” your website.

KPIs and More

During an engagement we will take your analytics to the next level by setting goals and conversion funnels based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are established from the beginning. We track website Actions and Events to provide on-page detailed engagement data.

Part of our toolkit is Heat Mapping Tracking for your website. We can view isolated user activity on your website within minutes of a visit. Our system allows you the ability to watch video of a user scrolling, clicking, or mousing-over information on the website, helping us see where there might be issues or pitfalls very rapidly.

For campaigns we use a third-party tracking system to track user data, source data, and double-check conversion attribution against analytics. Since first-click conversions are rare we need in-depth analysis on attribution, and cross-referencing is key.

We provide a convenient Reporting Dashboard where all of your marketing data is available for review, so there is complete transparency to the marketing programs and their data.

If you want a clearer view of what is happening with your marketing, then you should speak to us.

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