B2B Media Buying Services

Altitude delivers fully integrated B2B media buying and planning services that build stronger brands, drive awareness and deliver leads.

Experience True Full-service B2B Media Buying

When it comes to advertising strategy, we always start with “the View from 30,000 Feet.” That means aligning media plans with your:





In other words, we’re not here to sell you on the plan that makes us the biggest markup. (In fact, we don’t mark up direct advertising spends.) When it comes to paid media, our philosophy is simple:

We build bespoke, multi-channel campaigns that reach and ignite the largest number of qualified prospects at the best possible value.

Every Network. Every Channel. No Compromises.

Our global client base comes from all points on the B2B spectrum. That’s taught us that no two advertising plans are ever exactly alike.

Some markets respond great to LinkedIn ads. Some don’t use the network at all. Key influencer spots in some industries can be easily had through Google Display Network placements. Others require direct buys.

Google and Bing PPC is a great bet – sometimes. Other times, it’s a money pit

“We needed to roll out a sophisticated multimedia advertising campaign to stand out in a very conservative technology market. This was a difficult balancing act, and Altitude was the agency that rose to the challenge.”

John Pettit

Heck, some B2B markets still read print. That’s why we build bespoke, integrated media plans – every time.

We use our experience, strategy and relationships to find you the most effective mix of:

Relax. We’ll Handle Everything.

Altitude is a full-service B2B media buying agency. As with everything we do, we strive to make the advertising experience completely seamless for you. We take care of everything, including:

We get your message out there. We constantly tweak and tune. And we don’t sleep at night if you’re not getting the results you deserve.

Advanced Tech & Economies of Scale

Why work with a B2B media buying agency? For one, you get our years of experience. (We’ve done this a lot.)

Second, you get pre-existing relationships with publishers and influencers in industries like the life sciences, SaaS, high-tech manufacturing, oil & gas, academia, public safety and more.

Finally, you get access to an advanced technology stack. Every day, we use tools like Wordstream and SpyFu to manage bids and gather data. We tap into programmatic networks like Simpli.fi to target ads precisely. And we build custom marketing dashboards to help you understand exactly how your media plan is performing.

You could go it alone. Or you could get a fully built media planning and buying team, along with a full stack of technology, from Day 1.

B2B Advertising Campaign Examples

Every client is different, and every campaign is different. That means we can’t say exactly what we’ll do for you. But we can give you some examples of past media planning success.

Let's Do This.

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