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Paid Media Display

Once thought be an ugly offshoot of Pay Per Click marketing, we have made Paid Media Display Advertising beautiful again. Much like the original banner advertising, Paid Display enables us to engage new prospects in multiple scenarios and at multiple stages of the sales funnel, making it more powerful than ever.


Also known as “Remarketing”, this form of display advertising allows you to continually engage your prospect based on their prior behavior with your website. Since most users don’t convert on the first visit, retargeting is extremely critical to the conversion process. Unlike email marketing, which requires an opt-in and a user to open the emails you send, retargeting has 100% opt-in and open rate, since you can start re-engaging them the moment they leave your website.

Some of our retargeting options:

We structure retargeting using innovative strategies. Since we don’t use just one retargeting system, we are able to tap multiple retargeting strategies, and easily transition prospects from one retargeting funnel to another, even if they are generated from different campaigns. We also leverage retargeting to fine-tune our landing page and website copy, as well as adding horsepower to our PPC campaigns.

Ever wanted to retarget your competitors’ users? Yeah, we can do that.

B2B Display

Since we specialize in B2B, we have become experts in targeting business prospects. No longer reliant simply on contextual targeting, we can leverage LinkedIn profile data to reach your ideal prospects with exacting detail. Additionally, we can do Account-Based targeting, leveraging our data-mining tools to push display advertising direct to specific organizations and companies.

Our focus is on targeting quality and making sure the users we generate fit the audience profile you desire. These campaigns allows us to test and rapidly scale what is working, and iteratively adjust what isn’t.

If you are interested in applying the most intelligent data-driven Display Advertising on the web to your business, then you should speak with us.

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