6 Best Social Media Certifications to Earn in 2024

Phil Baily

A strong social media presence is essential for success, even in B2B. To help you sharpen your social media skills and stand out in the industry, we’ve compiled a list of the six best social media certifications you can earn in 2024.

Social media certifications are a great way to improve your skills as a B2B social media marketer, benefiting you as a professional and your business’s ability to stay relevant on each social media platform.

Here are the top ones you should take next year. The free ones are a must – the ones with a price tag are icing on the cake.

6 Best Social Media Certifications to Earn in 2024

  1. HubSpot Academy Social Media Marketing Course
  2. Hootsuite Academy Social Media Marketing Certification
  3. eMarketing Institute: Social Media Marketing Course
  4. Cornell University’s Social Media Marketing Certificate
  5. LinkedIn Learning Social Media Marketer Learning Path
  6. Online Marketing Institute Social Media Marketing Certification (Level 2)
6 social media certifications to earn in 2024

#1. HubSpot Academy Social Media Marketing Course

COST: Free 

Are you looking to spruce up your social media expertise? Or maybe you just don’t know where to start with your social media strategy?

The HubSpot Academy Social Media Marketing course is a great place to jump into the basics. 

It provides in-depth training on social media strategy, content creation, and analytics, and helps you develop a comprehensive approach to social media marketing. 

This course consists of 8 lessons, 38 videos, 29 quizzes, and takes a little over 5 hours to complete. It is completely online, and the certification is earned by passing a comprehensive exam. The credential demonstrates your understanding of social media best practices and your ability to use HubSpot’s marketing tools

This certification will then last you two years (because social media is always evolving).

#2. Hootsuite Academy Social Media Marketing Certification

COST: $199

Now you understand the basics of social.

But what about listening and analyzing data? And which social media platform should you post on? ‍

The Hootsuite Academy Social Media Marketing Certification is perfect for intermediate users as it covers essential social marketing techniques and tools, including content creation, social listening, analytics, and more. 

This certification doesn’t mess around: it’s designed to equip you with the practical skills that you can immediately apply to your job. 

So, how do you pass?

  • Through a series of online courses that lead into a final exam with 60 questions.
  • The exam is 60 minutes and timed. 
  • A passing score is above 80%.

After you pass, the certification is yours forever. Hootsuite also provides you with resources, like a social media strategy template and a social media analytics spreadsheet.

#3. eMarketing Institute: Social Media Marketing Course

COST: Free

If you need a hands-off crash course on social media, the eMarketing Institute Social Media Marketing Course is for you.

In this course, you’ll learn the ropes of handling different social platforms, blogging tools, and get the lowdown on analytics and automation.

To get started, you just have to sign up with your email to receive a free PDF of the course reading. When you’re ready to take the certification, you’re given 8 hours to answer 50 questions. You must receive a 50% to pass. 

Good news- if you’re an expert at social media and just looking for a refresh, you can jump right to the certification test. 

#4. Cornell University’s Social Media Marketing Certificate

COST: $2,625 

If you are ready to dive into social media – and I mean REALLY ready – the Cornell University’s Social Media Marketing Course has what you’re looking for. 

So, how does it work?

It’s a three-month social media marketing program. 

You’ll be taking six core classes to hone in those social media skills. In those classes, expect to dive into the art of planning social media campaigns, crafting a brand voice that stands out, and learning the ins and outs of working with influencers. 

Each class is a two-week sprint, and you’ll be learning alongside 34 other students. (Potentially setting the stage for some future networking magic ✨).

How do you pass? 

If you want the certificate, there’s a graded final project to prove you’re ready to implement your knowledge in a job setting.

This program also comes with a sweet bonus: a year of free access to Symposium. 

#5. LinkedIn Learning: Social Media Marketer Learning Path

COST: 1-month free trial, then $39.99/month

If you’re someone who wants to start with the basics then work your way up to expert level, then the LinkedIn Learning Social Media Marketer Learning Path is a certification you should check out.

This program will prep on all things social – we’re talking foundations, strategy and optimization, and the art of killer copywriting. 

It’s basically a crash course in the ABCs of social media.

Wondering what it’ll take?

Get comfortable, there’s around 6.5 hours of video content for you to absorb. Once you get through the videos, that certification is in your pocket with no expiration date.

#6. Online Marketing Institute Social Media Marketing Certification (Level 2)

COST: 10-day free trial, then $25/month 

This course is for you if you want to learn how to stand out in the competitive social media landscape – platform by platform.

Beyond just posting updates, you’ll learn to command attention, create meaningful content, and engage authentically. From platform understanding to lead generation and measurement, this course offers a comprehensive view, ensuring you’re not just present but impactful in the digital realm.

Once you press start, you’ll have 6 months to complete all courses and take the exam. 

So, what topics will you cover?

  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • YouTube and Video Content Marketing
  • Blogging Fundamentals
  • Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Marketing
  • Instagram and Pinterest Marketing
  • Google+ Marketing
  • Social & Display Retargeting
  • Social Media Content, SEO and Measurement

Whether you’re a business professional or a marketer, this program equips you with the skills to thrive in the world of social media.

After 10 classes and over 6 hours of online instruction, you’ll be ready to take the final exam. You have 3 attempts and must earn 70% to receive the certification. 

Conclusion: Earn Your B2B Certifications in 2024

Social media is an ever-evolving landscape, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices is critical to success. 

By earning these six best social media certifications in 2024, you can demonstrate your proficiency and mastery in social media marketing, enhance your career prospects, and add value to your organization.

So, invest in your professional development and take the first step towards becoming a social media expert.

Phil Baily

In his role as Content Marketing Specialist, Phil crafts a wide range of engaging, SEO-driven content for Altitude and our B2B clients, from blog posts to digital guides, written copy for core website pages and more. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English – Professional Writing from Kutztown University.