7 Tips for Choosing a B2B Content Writing Service

Ziera Soda

Producing quality B2B content takes time and hard work – time that you may not necessarily have on your hands. That’s why many companies turn to a B2B content writing service for help. Keep reading to learn more – and seven helpful tips for selecting the best service.

Content is a crucial part of any B2B marketer’s toolkit.

You could even argue that content is the toolkit, and all the different ways you distribute that content – be it posting on your website, promoting it through digital advertising, sharing via social or email, and so on – are the tools.

This very page you are reading is content. But B2B content goes beyond a blog post. The video you view on LinkedIn – content. The ad you click after searching on Google – content. The article you read when scrolling your favorite industry publication – content.


While, yes, B2B content is a heavy undertaking – underpinning everything you do and everything you are as a brand – it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. That’s why B2B content writing services exist … or should I say, B2B Content Writing as a Service? CwaaS. Is that a thing? Let’s make it a thing.

You are the expert in your field, but you may not have the interest or availability to write all day. Or, your team of in-house marketers are specialized in the distribution channels – web development, ads, social, email – but not necessarily in writing all types of content. CWaaS (yup, it’s a thing now) can fill that need.

What Is B2B Content Writing as a Service?

While we might have just coined that term in real-time, B2B content writing services are nothing new. These services have a team of writers that are capable of writing about a range of topics in a variety of ways, including:

  • Blogs
  • Case studies
  • eBooks
  • Website pages
  • Videos

And more.

The challenge with B2B content writing is synthesizing complex information into easy-to-understand forms that show the value of your offering to the right target audience at the right time. (Coming up with ideas can be tough, too.) This means working with the right CWaaS provider (it’s a thing, for real) is critical so you can get quality content that meets your goals.

Here are seven tips to find the best B2B content writing service.

7 Tips for Choosing a B2B Content Writing Service image of book flipping through pages

7 Tips for Choosing a B2B Content Writing Service

Some of these might seem obvious, but here me out…

  1. Dedicated to B2B
  2. Versatile Capabilities
  3. Understands Your Target Audience
  4. KPI Driven
  5. SEO Knowledgeable
  6. Professional & Reliable
  7. Skilled

#1. Dedicated to B2B

While tactics are similar, B2B marketing is an entirely different animal than B2C.

Looking at manufacturing marketing as an example: manufacturers typically have higher price points, longer buying cycles and complex approvals, which means marketing ultimately has to work harder to get results when compared to B2C companies. Other niche industries – like life sciences, IT or you name it – experience similar problems.

That’s why it’s important you don’t just work with any content writing service. You must look for a provider that works in the B2B space. Because the sales process is longer and more complex – and key decision makers are likely more technical and have higher expectations – the content required is just different.    

#2. Versatile Capabilities

While the CWaaS provider should have a B2B mindset, be careful not to limit yourself to a provider that only focuses on one thing.

As mentioned, content writers can (and should) produce much more than blogs, and they also need to be able to address a plethora of specific questions in your specific space. Unless you go the freelance route, it will be rare to find a service that only writes about your specific industry. And you might not want to go in that direction, anyways.

Just because someone can write in your industry, doesn’t mean they know how to write in your brand’s voice. So, if your B2B content writing service of choice is capable of writing for more than one niche industry – that’s great. That means they will be able to adapt and mold to your specific needs and voice, and put on their your-company-name-here hat just like that.

#3. Understands Your Target Audience

In a similar vein as tip #2, it’s important that your B2B content writing service knows how to write for various buyer personas. Vet your potential partner by asking about their process for understanding your audience. Writing in a specific industry is one thing. Writing to a specific audience type is another.

Let’s say you’re selling software. The individual who is doing a job that the software can enhance or automate – the one doing the day-to-day work – likely is the one that identifies the need and finds a solution. But senior leadership has the buying power. So, there needs to be a mix of content that draws in that day-to-day person but also content that’s accessible to those who aren’t as deep in the weeds.

#4. KPI Driven

Look for a CWaaS provider that cares about content key performance indicators (KPIs).

This is a telltale sign that the content they create will fit into your overall marketing and business goals. Content pieces without metrics to track are just shots in the dark. Choosing a KPI-driven content writing service will ensure that you’re getting quality work that actually moves the needle – or not, but gives you all a chance to make improvements as needed.

#5. Knowledgeable About SEO

While blogs aren’t everything, they are an important part of your B2B content marketing efforts. Blogs should answer questions that your audience is asking, and they are a great way to continuously add new content to your website – one of the fundamentals of SEO.

So, look for a content writing service that writes with SEO in mind. This does not mean black hat tactics like keyword stuffing. These means comprehensively answering a question your buyers are asking Google – and then tweaking and tuning as needed from there.

#6. Professional & Reliable

Relationships and rapport matter. To get high quality work, you want to work with a CWaaS provider with high quality people that care about your business and are professional and reliable. Otherwise, you might end up with low effort content that hits word counts but misses the mark.

So, take calls with your potential content writing service and get a feel for how you click with the team. Don’t just shell out your content work to any black box on the internet.

#7. Skilled

Last but certainly not least…

We couldn’t not mention this. Skills matter.

There are a lot of content writing services out there. Unfortunately, a lot of services out there rely on black hat tricks (see #5) and don’t craft well-written content.

B2B buyers have higher expectations.

Content is only as good as the writers. If someone else is writing your content, you want to make sure they have the chops. After all, they are representing your brand.

It is important that users can both read and understand what they are reading. This helps connect them to your content and clearly understand the value of your brand.

CWaaS Is A Thing & We Can Help

Whether you have your hands full or need expertise, B2B content writing services (CWaaS!) can help.

But, choosing the right partner can be challenging. Remember, a content writing service will represent your brand. So it is important that they have the right values, knowledge and experience that will deliver effective content. Make sure you’re getting enough value for the cost.

CWaaS is kind of a big part of what we do at Altitude. And we connect it to everything else you need as a part of an integrated marketing strategy. Ready to get to work? Get in touch!

Ziera Soda

As Marketing Manager, Ziera is responsible for overseeing and implementing a variety of initiatives aimed at increasing Altitude’s brand visibility and lead generation. Ziera holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management and dance education from Muhlenberg College and a master’s in communications from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania.