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Calculate Your Marketing Agency’s Value With This Tool

When you’re deciding to hire a marketing agency, there’s one crucial question you need to ask: What value are you bringing me? You might get a squishy answer: We build beautiful websites. Our videos go viral. More people will recognize your brand. Your guard should be up when any agency responds with examples that aren’t […]

Written by on February 28, 2024

10 Tips for a Successful B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

When businesses use the internet to find products and services, digital marketing is critical to success. In this blog, we dive into digital marketing tactics with ten practical tips to help you create a successful strategy. What is Digital Marketing? Customers need to find you. Odds are, the first place they go to look is […]

Written by on January 17, 2024

Is My B2B Content Effective? [Simple 3-Step Guide]

Content is a vital part of B2B marketing – it defines the way your audience connects with your brand. Creating unique, relevant content about your subject matter is the best way to establish your brand as an authority, attract leads and move them through each stage of your sales funnel. So, is your B2B content […]

Written by on May 23, 2022

B2B User Experience In 2022: Robots Good, People Bad? [PODCAST]

Big banks vs. small banks. Robots vs. human beings. The Superbowl Salesforce-Mathew McConaughey ad. In this episode of Marketing Trends 2022, a view from 30,000 feet, Adam and Alex talk B2B user experience – and how it’s not so different from the B2C experience after all.   Hear what  Alex Burdine, Director, Marketing Technology, and Adam […]

Written by on April 13, 2022

What’s New with Low Code, No Code in 2022? [PODCAST]

Emerging in 2022 as a top marketing automation and web design trend: low code, no code. In this episode, Alex Burdine, Director, Marketing Technology and Adam Smartschan, Chief Strategy Officer, discuss the maturity of low code, no code and how it’s breaking barriers in website development and marketing automation. Alex: I’m Alex Burdine, Director of Marketing Technology […]

Written by on April 6, 2022

Website Design Trends in 2022 [PODCAST]

What are B2B marketers doing this year with website design that they weren’t before? Well, it’s actually a lot of the same. In this episode, Alex Burdine, Director, Marketing Technology, Adam Smartschan, Chief Strategy Officer, and Drew Frantzen, VP, Creative and Web, discuss three website design trends they’re seeing so far this year. Discover website design trends […]

Written by on March 30, 2022